The INTERFISH tradeshow is the most large-scale event in the fish industry.
The INTERFISH comprises a number of events including an economic forum, a research and practice conference, panel discussions and presentations, all of them designed to ensure an effective cooperation and forthcoming teamwork of all the market participants.
The INTERFISH represents a most powerful tool for a multifaceted business communication. A tradeshow is able to provide an amazingly comprehensive effect, comparable to none of the other existing forms of business promotion.
The INTERFISH tradeshow targets the professional audience engaged in the fish industry.


Rosrybolovstvo Committee in charge of the run-up to InterFISH
Deputy Head of the Rosrybolovstvo Agency Viktor Risovany was put in charge of the Committee founded by order of the head of the industry to provide assistance in the run-up and organization of the International Fishery Tradeshow InterFISH.
30.03.2010 | details...

68% of the overall fish catch is covered by the Far Eastern Federal Okrug
Domestic fish stock resources are almost entirely replenished with the internal catch. In 2009 its amount equaled to 98%.
30.03.2010 | details...

Financial results in the fish industry to enhance 5.4 times
The financial result in the fish industry has shown a 5.4 fold improvement. Rosstat published the “Financial results of the companies’ business activity in 2009”.
30.03.2010 | details...

Cod to ensure a rich harvest
According to the outlooks submitted by SakhNIRO (Sakhalin Scientific and Research Institute for Fisheries and Oceanography), the total recommended catch of aquatic bio resources for the year 2011 is to exceed the figures of the two previous years, the main surplus being achieved due to the total admissible catch of Alaska Pollock.
29.03.2010 | details...

Russia plans to boost fish production in 2010
In 2010 Russia plans to bump up the catch of fish and other aquatic bio resources up to 4 million tons, compared to 3.7 million tons produced in 2009.
29.03.2010 | details...

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